Why Are So Many Whitelisted Assets Not Being Registered?

It appears the community has agreed to Whitelist many assets in recent months, but few of those have been registered. How is MIR supposed to grow if the # of assets remain flat? Is it a limitation of Band Protocol? Are we putting too much risk on those proposing registration or whitelisting by requiring a 100 MIR deposit they can lose?

What’s the incentive for individuals to make a proposal if they can lose MIR in the process or are not able to stake 100 MIR while voting is being conducted? Do we need to provide a small reward for whitelisting and registering and reduce the required deposit for proposing new whitelisting and registering?

I think a discussion needs to be had on why registering assets has slowed down so much.

MIR has been in a bear market and I don’t think anyone is jumping at the bit to reduce rewards for the existing mAsset pools

Agree about there being more assets … There should be some European Stocks (BP, SHELL, HSBC) or Indexes list too … …

Agreed, seems like more assets would be better