Why does it take so long to list whitelisted assets on Mirror?

It´s been more than 3 months since some of the following assets passed the governance vote and still they haven´t been listed on MIR.

Virgin Atlantic
Lumber Futures

Why arent´t they listed yet? Isn´t this the whole point of a governance vote that the community decides which assets they want to list on Mirror. I have the feeling the MIR team eventually decides which ones to list. You guys are basically giving out voting rewards for no reason this way.

It’s all dependent on Band setting up and Oracle. There’s no oracle for any of those so the Mirror team can’t do anything.

Ok that makes sense. But then they should just publish a list of which ones do have an oracle, makes it easier to list them

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Every stock that has an oracle is listed. You can also dig through the oracle links to find the list

I think this might help: https://data.bandprotocol.com/

Sawit from Band posted recently about this in the Mirror Discord, figured it was relevant to this discussion:

Hey guys. Definitely understand your concern here. A few things I want to share for context:

  1. As some have said in the last month or so our team’s focus has been on working towards the recent mainnet upgrade
  2. On Mirror specifically since Col 5 comes with a breaking upgrade to CosmWasm contracts, both us and the Mirror team has been to implement and test the upgraded contracts out to ensure that things will still work as expected post the Terra chain upgrade
  3. Since this is probably the biggest change and upgrade to both BandChain and Terra chain by far, implementing, testing, and coordinating the upgrade have been by far our top priorities and I expect that the same can be said for the Terra and Mirror team
  4. Now that the chain upgrade has concluded successfully for us, we will continue working to add more data providers/data sources to our stock feeds while we wait for the Columbus 5 upgrade to go through. This is both to expand the breadth of assets that we will be able to support going forward, to improve the redundancy of where we pull the stock data from, and to maximize the robustness of our feeds, especially given the recent incident
  5. On when new assets will resume to be added, this is something that we will need to discuss more with the Mirror team on since the testing of the feeds and the listing process itself is a joint effort on both sides. But personally I expect it to most likely be post Columbus 5 or starting in October since that’s when the above priorities will have concluded for both teams

Hope that’s helpful and we’ll will make sure to communicate any updates we have going forward