Why Mirror V2 need to improve the user experience design?

Hi, guys! I think the Mirror V2 needs some improvements to user experience design! These are my personal thoughts.

Why user design it’s important?

User experience is how a person feels when interacting with a project. This includes a website, mobile application, desktop software, and basically any form of human/device interaction.
User experience is important because it tries to fulfill the user’s needs. It aims to provide positive experiences that keep a user loyal to Mirror protocol.

What pages from the mirror interface should be improved? All of them!

Let’s start with “My Page”
There it’s simply too much information for the user. It’s too confusing for the crypto user/ retail crypto user. The main buttons: Holding, Farming, Govern, History needs to be more visible with a different color, etc.

“Trade Page”:
Buttons like: Ticker, TerraSwap Price, 24 Chart, Premium, Volume, need to be more visible and with a different color. etc.

Borrow Page and Farm Page: Same thing: Oracle Price, Min. Collateral Ratio, Collateral Value, Market Cap, need to be more visible and with a different color. etc.

Total Stake: More information. What does it mean and how much percentage it’s staked? What it’s the purpose of the staking? etc.

The language must be more comprehensive for the users for all users and also the retail people!

Each button should have a question mark where it’s displayed more information. That will help a lot a new user understand and interact more with the protocol.

The main issues Mirror Team should take into consideration to improve the current V2 version are:

  1. Improve the UX design( use more friendly colors, change buttons, etc);

  2. Use more friendly language that will explain in a simple way how every aspect of the protocol works;

  3. Community Pool. We need a step-by-step guide and videos on how anyone can get funded and access the funds. We need to incentivize people to submit projects that will help Mirror adoption grow the user base;

  4. Govern-Create Pool: We need more information like a video explainer and step by step guide for all buttons: Suggestions, Asset Listing, Reward distribution ratio, and parameters. For all these characteristics, we need a checkmark button that will link us to a different page where a user can learn step by step how to use and learn. We need to think from the user’s point of view by using a more clear and explanatory language. Asset Listing, it’s a problem and we need a faster implementation of the listing after they passed the vote!

  5. We should connect the button’s checkmarks with Mirror documents. For example, when a user clicks on all the buttons like Community Pool, APR, Total Staked, Long, Short, etc… it will be redirected to Mirror documents where he will find all the information. The checkmark button can also be a video step-by-step guide, something like this Mirror Finance Version 2 Course.

  6. We can use a UX/UI course like this: The Simple Way to Conduct a UX Audit or hire someone to fix the interface problems.

These are some of my personal ideas right now. I will update you when I will find new ones. In the meantime, every one it’s welcomed to leave his opinion on how we can improve the user design and experience.

Thank you

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Whilst I agree with your points, I think it is important to remember that Mirror is a protocol first and foremost and anyone can build on top of it. The more time, effort and money that is spent by the core team on the front end is less time that gets spent on protocol improvements.

Perhaps it would be better to let others that are UI/UX experts code up a front end. In this way, it would drive some healthy competition that would give users of Mirror a choice based on their own preferences. This would only help adoption.

The recent roadmap post from Do Kwon has specifically called this out.

  1. Actively encourage more frontends to be built and hosted : Many more apps that leverage Mirror Protocol should be encouraged to be built out and hosted, preferably by anonymous devs to maximize censorship resistance. We propose creating a pylon.money farm of mirror hosts, each to receive cash flow streams from pylon in exchange for developing and hosting alt Mirror web apps. Happy to gather ideas on how best to align incentives on this.

i’m anxious to see what Mirror Market (mirrormarket.finance) will do. It would be a shame if they want more money to add V2 features - since they just released V1 on June 1st. 3 weeks later and it’s completely outdated.
I think ATQ capital has proven they can deliver on UI –
Messaged them on twitter and awaiting reply to see what’s up with V2 add ons…