Why sturbucks, polkadot and more

Why sturbucks, polkadot and more… are not in mAssets and passed the vote??

You can read a detailed post about it here: New steps to new mAsset whitelisting proposals (MIP 1 - 40)

But basically, what this posts describes is that,

  1. Oracle Provider needs to be prepared to provide price feeds for all these assets. Listing everything that was proposed on the first stage will require more time for oracle vendor, specifically Band Protocol.
  2. If all mAssets were to be listed, the quantity of MIR rewards distributed to each liquidity pool will decrease significantly.

Until the above issues are resolved, it was agreed from that post that we should only list few assets which got the most support through governance.

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I understand perfectly, I really want to see more assets of Massets, but things in the palace go slowly

I think it is important not to take too long so that other competing projects do not take advantage of us, but I think that MIR is far above, its simple handling and the quality of the project is impressive