With V3 can we please implement a way to LONG a stock with aUST?

There is nothing more than I would like out of mirror right now is to be able put up aUST and be able to LONG a stock (with low varience work arounds). I believe this would bring much more volume to Mirror. I know most of my portfolio would be doing this. effictively getting us the anchor earn retun plus the stock return for a buy and hold.

You can. Use the Borrow tab to mint an mAsset

That does not give you exposure to being net long. Whatever you boorow you have to repay. Say I boroow 100 mSPY @ $200 … mSPY rises to $300… Now I want to close the position… Yay i realized a 50% profit… not. I have to repay 100 mSPY shares that I borrowed and held so essentially I give back the 100 share at $300 making borrowing to long net neutral and make nothing except lose money on tx costs

Please see my post about mUSD. If we get that listed as mAsset you would be able to do this.

My bad, wow! You’re obviously correct on this