World Series of Options Proposal

Mirror Frens,

I proposed an airdrop to the stakers on the $MIR governance platform for the $WSO token, a treasury token based upon the World Series of Options protocol, launching in 2022 on Terra.

$WSO is a NFT-fueled OPTIONS educational and tournament platform.

NFTs (random-gen) of options strategies on your favorite Terra projects will be issued (OG first … then weekly tournaments and beyond) and the profitability of the strategies represented will be tracked in a poker-tournament style payout structure.

The OG NFT will be perpetual and without expiry date … available for trading in the aftermarket on a NFT marketplace (90^ Luart)

Weekly tournaments will be held with a maximum of 1000 entries weekly and 75% net payout to tournament particpants (15% to DAO-controlled vault | 10% split between team and Angel Protocol donation … will be part of Angel Alliance … pending … we’re close with that team)

Check out our first medium article here:

Check out our discord here:
Discord (invite will expire … can post new if/when needed at any point … always fresh in twitter)

Speaking of Twitter:

We will be rewarding the members of the discord community with $WSO airdrop at TGE … and there will be continuous prizes and contests throughout the launch cycle. We’d be pleased with support from the community here at $MIR with a large number of retail users, some institutional interest, etc…

We’ve been offered seed capital from several projects and VC but have turned them down to start … though we may align our interests with other projects.

The team from the Poppin’ Puffins NFT series has produced some great visual mock-ups for the art on the OG NFT … and we are hammering out financials on that end in short order.

We have a distribution partnership scheduled for later today with a real head-scratcher … but there is well much more than meets the eye on that one, so stay tuned.

WSO is not a competitive product to any options trading defi protocol. To the contrary, we will look to be the educational partner for any protocol across all chains in crypto to provide this service in a fun, interactive, and collaborative way.

We have contacts that span the globe on the options side of Tradfi as well as developing relationships with other options-forward protocols on multiple chains.

The founders are a group of options professionals and enthusiasts looking to educate the broader defi ecosystem on the use cases surrounding derivative instruments in effort to unlock the potential of options as this nascent product evolves in the digital asset arena.

Please get involved, vote YES obviously to the free lunch … and come join the party.

Sneak Peak of some sick NFT art

#ThereWillBeOptions is our battle cry. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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So is this an ad? Are there any risks to the community by voting? It’s just a text proposal after all, right?

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It’s an outreach to the community governance for partnership… and a text proposal yes, so no community risk by voting. Come join the discord for WSO and find out more!

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