Wrapped mTSLA - PancakeSwap - BSC

Hey guys,
I’m relatively inexperienced with all things crypto and have a couple questions which I hope you can answer.
I used pancake swap via Binance-smart-chain wallet to buy mTSLA. Now my BSC wallet shows the wrapped mTSLA token. How would I go about turning a token on BSC into a token on Terra chain? I meant to deposit this mTSLA to mirror.finance, but realized that I could not send tokens via BSC. Could you explain to me how to go from BSC to Terra chain?


Use this bridge and use the send function to send to a Terra address. Likewise you can use eth.mirror.finance to go from Eth to Terra

Much appreciated! Could you give me a hint as to what would be the lowest fee way of turning USDT on Trezor into mTSLA on terra without using KuCoin?

USDT on ETH? Best liquidity is on curve so if you are doing large amounts that the best. Gas might be higher if just doing a little bit and slippage isnt a big deal so compare between uniswap and curve.

Ah no, I wasn’t clear, sorry. I meant trading USDT for mTSLA. I heard on pancake swap there is relatively large fees for that exchange. Any idea where is cheapest?

Oh yeah I see what you are saying. Compare between Uniswap and Pancake for the amount you are buying. They are probably pretty similar

Pankcake gas fees will be astronomically lower than Uniswap right now. So then it just depends on the liquidity.