You can still earn high LONG FARM yields this way

In case someone don’t know, I’d point out that Mirror is also active on the ETH blockchain, with a bit less pools, but also with way higher APR yield for LP providers. The pools have slightly less liquidity compared to Terra’s pools, for example 1.6M for mAMZN, compared to 5.1M here. You don’t have MIR rewards if you stake there, but you get 87% APR in that pool currently (usually higher than 30-40% for all pools). At the Terra native mAMZN pool, you usually get around 8-10% APR from the trading fees.

With the imbalance of liquidity for the two separate pools, one can use arbitrage between the two pools, which in part caused the high premiums across the market lately - with the high yield you’d get on ETH, one could made profit even if he needs to sell at higher price on Terra.

If part of the LP liquidity would migrate to ETH for the higher yields, it could also impact positively the high premiums on Terra → Less user would buy mAsset on Terraswap, hence not lifting the premium, (and also would encourage users to stay longer in the LP because of the higher blockchain fees), ultimately narrowing the price raising effect of the arbitrage.

Check the pools here:


I can’t open the link:

Many mAssets are missing though.

Try it from here: