ZERO rewards for staking MIR after 3+ months

Hey guys … so I have been staking my MIR in the mirror protocol for 3+ months… and I have no rewards. ZERO! What is going on?

I have read all the other posts about rewards not being generated on weekends, blahdy blah but thats not even relevant when a single reward hasn’t been generated for more than 3 months.

Can someone please help me with this?


if you staked in mirror governance - rewards are autocompounded, so amount of staked MIR should increase over time.


Yes you are right … I just checked my initial deposit balance and it is indeed higher :slight_smile: … thanks! I was freaking out a little, haha


Thanks it’s not appear clearly in dashboard! But I have learning something from you! Thanks!

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if you haven’t been voting since the launch of v2, you’ve missed out on the bulk of the staking rewards.

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I am new to this, so is voting the way that you actually earn rewards? Thanks!

hi @cpvllc,

when you stake MIR in governance you get rewards either way, but @maruboro is correct, to get more rewards, you need to vote on proposals, that is the way of incentivizing voting since mirror v2